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Family tourism company "Ruslan"

"Ruslan" is a family operated tourism company specialised in the Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve in Southern Kazakhstan and the surrounding region. Operating from the village of Zhabagly at just a few kilometers from the nature reserve.


Guesthouse "Ruslan"
Dining Room
Village Zhabagly

Tourism company "Ruslan" has an in-house guesthouse facility for 11 people.

Accommodation and meals - Price list 2019
Double room12000 Tengeper night
Single room 12000 Tengeper night
Three meals 7000 Tengebreakfast, lunch and diner for one person

Trips to the Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve

Aksu Canyon
Mountain view
Mountain lake
Price list 20191 person2 persons3 persons4 or more
Horse riding to Taldibulak9300 Tenge8100 Tenge7700 Tenge7700 Tenge
Horse riding to Kishi Kaindi10700 Tenge9500 Tenge9300 Tenge9100 Tenge
Horse riding to Ulken Kaindi12100 Tenge11100 Tenge10700 Tenge10500 Tenge
Jeep excursion to Aksu canyon25100 Tenge14700 Tenge12700 Tenge10700 Tenge
prices include ranger, park entrance and meals

Contact and bookings

Tourbaza Ruslan LLC
Abai street 24, 161310 Zhabagly, Kazakhstan
mob: +7-701-1895283
Mail us at

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